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Full Mouth Reconstruction Specialist

Keep Smiling Dental PC

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Has your smile been devastated by tooth loss due to trauma or decay? If so, you may qualify for full mouth reconstruction with Keep Smiling Dental PC led by Frouzandeh Mahdi, DMD, and Elizabeth Sandoval, DMD, in Bellville, New Jersey. Full mouth reconstruction offers the opportunity to rebuild your smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment with the practice online or over the phone today.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Q & A

What is full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a service that Keep Smiling Dental PC offers to people seeking to replace or reconstruct their smile and oral structures. During full mouth reconstruction, the practice can also address other oral issues, like jaw pain.

To perform full mouth reconstruction, the practice may use any combination of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Some of the services that full mouth reconstruction may involve include:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures
  • Root canal
  • Crown lengthening
  • Gum tissue contouring

Full mouth reconstruction can be a lengthy process, but at the end, it yields beautiful results that greatly improve your quality of life.

Who needs full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is an excellent solution for people experiencing issues like:

  • Severe teeth damage from trauma or decay
  • Teeth fractures or injuries
  • Teeth extremely worn from long-term acid erosion
  • Jaw pain, muscle pain, and headaches caused by a bad bite

If your smile issues aren’t severe or merely cosmetic, you may better benefit from a smile makeover.

What happens during a full mouth reconstruction consultation?

When you visit Keep Smiling Dental PC for your full mouth reconstruction consultation, the team starts with an examination of your:


First, your provider counts your cavities and assesses their severity. Then, the team observes the extent of your teeth’s wear-and-tear, cracks, and other relevant issues, like the condition of your root canals. They also take note of any short or long teeth.


Next, the team examines your gums, focusing on the health of your periodontal pockets and jawbone. During this time, your dentist checks for periodontal disease and bone density irregularities. Healthy gums and a healthy bone structure are essential to a successful full mouth reconstruction.

Jaw and joints

Your dentist assesses your jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints, and your bite. 


Last, the practice considers the aesthetic elements of your smile, such as your gum color and appearance, lip shape and size, mouth shape and size, your profile, and your face.

Based on this consultation, your team designs a comprehensive plan for your full mouth construction. This plan places special attention on restoring function as well as enhancing your smile’s beauty. 

If missing teeth, damaged gums, or a painfully misaligned jaw is keeping you from enjoying your life to the fullest, make a change. Invest in your future by scheduling your full mouth reconstruction consultation at Keep Smiling Dental PC online or over the phone today.